Micyox Rowing Machine Assembly Instructions

Remark: The device comes in2 cartons – please check if everything is complete. If any part is missing, please contact the customer service.
Assembly Instructions
We recommend to set-up the device with the assistance of a second person to avoid injuries and damages.
Connect the rear spacer and the rails with 4 screws “B” as shown.
Place the seat assembly onto the rails as shown.
Play attention, that the larger vertically mounted wheels (the load wheels) are placed onto the plastic extrusions on top of the rails and the smaller horizontally mounted wheels (the guide wheels) are placed between the rails.
Place the water tank between the rails and fix it with the screws “A”.
Position the footboard between the rails with the top 2 holes aligned with 2 threaded holes in the tank. Fix the footboard on the rails with the screws “A”and then fix the two stoppers with the screws “C” as shown. If you experience any problems with aligning the components, slightly lose all existing connections, align correctly and re-tighten.
Press down the heel adjustment button(A)and insert the heel/footpads under the footboard cover(B). Release the button to lock the heel. You may adjust the height of the heel-rests according to your individual needs.
Fix the two wheels on the outside of the rails.
Place the device in an upright position. Position the recoil belt over all guide rollers and connect to the bungee strap by hooking it into the ring.
Important: The recoil belt must be positioned correctly over the guide rollers!
Filling and emptying the tank
Open the lid of the water and use the electric pump to fill the tank with water, see figure B (for how to fill and figure C) for how to empty the tank.
Correct water level
You can find the water level gauge on the side of the tank. It is recommended to fill no more than 19 gallons of water.
Change water regularly to avoid water gets bacteria-infested.
If the local water quality is poor, replace it with distilled water.
Once completed, insert the Tank Stopper; it may be necessary to moisten the Stopper to assist with replacement.

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